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تنزيل اصدار جديد Kali Linux 2020 Release

تنزيل اصدار جديد Kali Linux 2020 Release

توزيعة كالي لينكس متخصصة في الأمن والحماية المعلوماتية وتحتوي مسبقا على عدة برامج وأدوات موجهة لاختبار الاختراق·حيث تتضمن برامج تقوم بالمسح الأمني للمنافذ كإن ماب Nmap وبرامج لتحليل الحزم المتبادلة على الشبكات كواير شارك Wireshark ، و برامج لكسر كلمات المرور كبرنامج جون ذا ريبر Jhon the Ripper، وطقم برامج Aircrack-ng الخاص باختبار اختراق الشبكات المحلية اللاسكية Wireless LANs و Burp Suite و OWASP و ZAP لفحص سلامة تطبيقات الويب، بالاضافة إلى أدوات أخرى لاختبارت أمنية متعددة·
وفى هذه التدوينة أقدم لكم
أحدث إصدارات نظام كالى لينكس | Kali Linux 2020

This Kali release is the first to include the Linux 4.15 kernel, which includes the x86 and x64 fixes for the much-hyped Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. It also includes much better support for AMD GPUs and support for AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization, which allows for encrypting virtual machine memory such that even the hypervisor can’t access it.

Easier Metasploit Script Access

If you spend any significant amount of time writing exploits, you are undoubtedly familiar with the various Metasploit scripts that are available, such as pattern_createpattern_offsetnasm_shell, etc. You are likely also aware that all of these helpful scripts are tucked away under /usr/share/metasploit-framework/tools/exploit/, which makes them more than a little difficult to make use of. Fortunately, as of metasploit-framework_4.16.34-0kali2, you can now make use of all these scripts directly as we have included links to all of them in the PATH, each of them prepended with msf-.
root@kali:~# msf-
msf-egghunter          msf-java_deserializer  msf-nasm_shell
msf-exe2vba            msf-jsobfu             msf-pattern_create
msf-exe2vbs            msf-makeiplist         msf-pattern_offset
msf-find_badchars      msf-md5_lookup         msf-pdf2xdp
msf-halflm_second      msf-metasm_shell       msf-virustotal
msf-hmac_sha1_crack    msf-msf_irb_shell

root@kali:~# msf-pattern_create -l 50 -s ABC,123

Package Updates

In addition to the above changes, there have been updates to a number of applications including BloodhoundReaverPixieWPSBurp SuiteHashcat, and more. Since there are far too many packages to include in a default ISO, to see the full list of changes, we encourage you to review the Kali Changelog.

Download Kali Linux 2018.2

If you would like to check out this latest and greatest Kali release, you can find download links for ISOs and Torrents on the Kali Downloads page along with links to the Offensive Security virtual machine and ARM images, which have also been updated to 2018.2. If you already have a Kali installation you’re happy with, you can easily upgrade in place as follows.
root@kali:~# apt update && apt full-upgrade
As always, if you encounter any bugs at all, we implore you to open a report on our bug tracker. We can’t fix what we don’t know about.

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